What we do

About Mobile Genius

We’re 2 guys that have been in the mobile industry for eons (well it seems like eons). We’ve seen it all, from Motorola tough Talkers to NEC e606 to Nokia 7650 (the first camera phone) all the way to iPhone 5.

In our travels we realized a lot of people miss their trusty and reliable phones – some times a phone is just a phone!

We see a recycled mobile phone as a great value proposition. Mobiles change so quickly and devalue even more quickly, that you can buy a mobile that is a few years old (but has lots of life left in it) for a fraction of the original price.

We discovered that most of our recycled phones actually get shipped (air freight no less) overseas primarily to Africa and Asia. Well, being the clever chaps that we are it occurred to us that this isn’t the most Green or environmental approach to recycling, so we did some digging.

It seems the common belief is that with UK and European labour costs it’s not possible to effectively refurbish mobile phone economically enough to resell here.

Well, we set to work to develop a process and system to do just that!

Why buy from us:

  • We offer the best value in mobile phones today
  • We have a wide range of phones on offer – across all networks
  • We provide a FREE PAYG SIM with every order
  • We offer a full “No-Quibble” guarantee on all our phones
  • We offer the highest level of customer service
  • We are a UK incorporated, VAT registered business. Contact us

What we do

As we are working with recycled mobile phones one of the big concern people have is about the quality of the phone. We work hard to establish clear and easy guidelines to ensure a consistent approach to reviewing and grading our handsets.

How do we go about this? Well, here’s a very quick rundown.

First we have to ensure the battery will charge so right off we plug it in and give it a full charge.

Next we check to ensure it will make and receive calls. There is no use in cleaning it up if it doesn’t do the basics. If we think the phone is unlocked we test with at least 2 different networks, to make sure it really is unlocked.

After that we give the phone a good clean, including removing all the content and call records. We don’t want our customers to have any surprises.

Then we decide on any refurbishments that may be required. This can range from a new button or microphone all the way to a completely new housing or screen.

Lastly we grade the phone’s physical wear and tear. We group the overall quality of each phone into one of 3 qualifications. This is done in a methodical and controlled fashion. We want to ensure we present a consistent and reliable picture for you, our customer.

Grading looks primarily at the following in decreasing order

  • Screen quality and clarity.
  • Keys and buttons – quality and look.
  • Casing – corners, edges, and the back.
  • Moving parts – hinges, slides, etc.

For more information about our Grades with lots of photos and details see how we grade »