WATCH: EE 6GB Data SIM Card Setup

Welcome to the first Mobile Genius Blog Post! 

Einstein is always working and has come up with a new way share some of his boundless wisdom – through an on going series of ‘How To’ videos. We are going to be sharing these on here as well as our other social media sites so if you have any suggestions do please let us know!

It didn’t take long to decide what our first subject would be.  The EE 6GB Data SIM Card is a big seller for us and great value for our customers, unfortunately our friends at EE have created a shall we say challenging set-up process for getting started with their SIM.

This is our first ever attempt at such a video so we know it’s a bit rough, but we are excited about the potential and we have chosen to send this to a select few valued customers to get your opinion!

Einstein and the whole Mobile Genius team would be most grateful if you could take 3mins to watch our video about EE 6GB Data SIM Card Setup and give us some feedback. All you need to do is click this link: